Ethical Management > Introduction


Ethical Management

In order to become a sustainable-growth company trusted by both customers and society, Insung in enacts rule of business ethics, builds its ethics management system, and pursues ethical and transparent business activities.

Main Direction of Ethical Management

  • Implementing leading ethics management by abiding by laws and regulations
    (Regular consulting of organization and processes)
  • Improving the ethics sense of our managements and employees, and supporting ethics management of business partners (Education and Publicity)
  • Expanding audit areas and establishing a strict policy regarding ethical misbehaviors (Operation of Cyber Auditing)
  • To minimize risk, building the internal control system and enterprise legal management system
  • By continuously fulfilling business ethics, a sound and transparent corporate culture will be accomplished

Main Tasks of Audit

  • Organization consulting
    (Regularly auditing domestic and overseas business units)
  • Checking of issues (Occasionally auditing)
  • Consulting of work process
  • Investigating report on unethical activities